StudyBays.Me – French, Germans, Italians (just examples) admittedly learn English, but in international prefer their own language.

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It involves generating ideas that can ignore the fundamental theorems of psychology, pedagogy and didactics, and disregard the realities of the twenty-first century. Page 1 of 2Obecna team seems to be on foreign languages, subject to two false premisses. The first of them comes down to the belief that the English won the position of the universal language of communication of the modern world, and the second boils down to the assertion that the earlier a child begins to learn a foreign language the better. English is the language, knowledge of which is useful, however, claim that it is necessary to be counted as false. Traveling around Europe with ease sees the strengthening of individualistic tendencies among many nations. In the sphere of culture and economy can be seen growing preference for their own language. French, Germans, Italians (just examples) admittedly learn English, but in international prefer their own language. You can see this by doing a little experiment. Let’s try, while abroad, do something talking in English, and then I’ll get the same thing, but in the local language. The difference with the German, French or Italian would be huge for us. Using their language we establish with them a much better contact, we are treated much better. English in contemporary Europe is beginning to play the role of Russian in the former Soviet bloc – the figure of a foreign, imposed for political reasons and ideological. Unfortunately, the Poles are still at the stage of fascination with English. They do not see that in order to do business with the Italians need to know Italian, wanting to work in a French company you need to know French. English, everywhere outside the English-speaking countries, it can only be ersatz (substitute). The Polish problem is education that develops the teaching of the language at the expense of others. Contemporary Europe requires something while the reverse – a good knowledge of one or two types of languages ​​French, German, Italian, and to the communication of English (unless of course we want to act professionally on a larger scale than his own district). False should also include the belief that the sooner you start to learn a foreign language the better. To language learning, as well as to any other area of ​​education, the child must grow intellectually. In addition, you must acquire the appropriate competencies previously. In the case of foreign languages ​​until the child does not know the grammar, spelling and style of their native language, as long learning a foreign language will be rather fun (with the exception of bilingual families). In the realities of school spending money on fun language children in kindergarten and grades I-III primary school is synonymous with reducing spending on foreign language teaching in higher grades. Hour of learning a foreign language in middle school or high school while bringing greater effects than the same time in kindergarten and grades I-III. Also keep in mind the principle – well not master the language without using it in practice. Definitely easier to provide students with practical situations maluchom.Rozwijając excessively older than learning English we risk another problem – the lack of adequate human resources. Foreign language lesson with the teacher ceases to be ignorant even fun, is evident harm to the child. Better that it started learning the language a few years later than that in the past few years had lessons with someone who can not motivate, who is not proficient methodically, who has a bad pronunciation. It is better that the student has learned well the Finnish (because the village was a good teacher of the language) than bad English (because the teacher was out of necessity random person). 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Send (); }); / ** / As part of our website we use cookies to provide you with services at the highest level, including in a manner tailored to individual needs. Using the site without changing the settings for cookies is that they will be included in your terminal. You can make changes at any time settings for cookies. We also encourage you to read the terms and conditions. How do you decide whether your child should go to the first class (and not feel guilty)? When there is a child in this age, it’s really all the fuss is somehow related to the reform goes sideways. I think quite rightly so. Each mom focuses on the needs of the age of your baby. Today I will focus on those poor zerówkowiczach and their dilemmas. I assume that you know the principles of the reform – parents have the choice whether to send a six-year leave school or in kindergarten. I do not have all the data, for example, I do not know. Will look like curricula, or return to the pre-science writing? Though you may like to wake up tomorrow morning, something is voted by night long … I was wondering about how to bite. I do not want to do politically and do not take it in these terms, please. I speak from the side we have a child with the vintage of 2009 and a teacher working in a school, when « wlały » to the vintages 2007, 2008 and 2009. I wanted businesslike, dry, and specifically write about the pros and cons. But as you know, everything in education has a second bottom. So apart from my point of view I created a test that I hope to sort out your thoughts and help you make the best decision. Even if you do not have a child at this age, it’s because of the chaos associated with (former and now current) reform of the reform, probably heard somewhere if only in passing, that there is a gap in the development of child six and seven. Hearing the word abyss imagine a dark abyss, the impassable. On one edge of a cliff six-year, seven-second. Nohow I can not agree. Well. The gulf is far too strong a word, but actually a year in the life of such a child, very much. What to do to choose the best option for comfort? Exact x-ray case. Knowledge is the last I had the opportunity to hear how one professor told female students that our six-year-fed should not « persist in Playgroups ». And perhaps without much finesse, but she had a good point. Us (mothers), it seems that it’s still your baby, but often this can amaze your baby know whether the computer efficiency. It’s not like that? We compare ourselves to the comfort of their age. But the truth is that we were much less developed (emotionally and in terms of intelligence) generation. How it’s possible? On the one hand it comes to social and family circumstances. Today we have a highly educated, we focused on the development of the child’s parents. Historically, it was not a priority focus. There was also so wide access to information relating to education, health, to entertainment, such toys, or even knowledge of the Rights of the Child. I was little, no one thought on what is the slate. She could have been talking about, which leaves a trace in the ass, but a few took over, which leaves a trace in the psyche. Recent research shows that the brains of teenagers present a very different way of functioning of earlier generations. The brains from birth familiar with computers, iPads, and internet available all the benefits of civilization. They grow up with headphones in their ears, and though it seems to us absurd, able to learn and focus without removing them. Yes, thanks to additional stimulus function better. How it’s possible? The answer is very simple – evolution. Our six-year is already the next generation. Probably even better adapted to life in the information noise of civilization. Hence the conclusion of their bloated construction and faster (than in our time) acquisition and processing of information. And that’s the truth. Puppies are a lot of knowledge so if you are wondering whether in this respect will cope in school, then I answer with a clear conscience, that without a problem. Measuring only the measure – so, send to school. Famous emotional maturity Another thing to consider is the emotional maturity. A child of six is ​​usually emotionally immature. And this has to be. If you read the opinion from the nursery, it is almost certain that the teacher tells you to work on emotions. Only a child at this age has the full right to emotional turmoil, often even greater than that seen in the five-year. Just a stage in the development. Six-year-cries often, can not decide offended, bawl, life does not admit guilt, even if you catch him by the hand. And for that abhors the word sorry that once caused him not the slightest problem. Do you send the chaos of walking to school? You can somehow embrace? Exactly … Very often it is that smart, clever, children with great knowledge, they are able to learn the school mode. Precisely because of the emotional immaturity. Experiencing too much, too little to understand, they can not sort out their own reality enough to effectively assimilate knowledge. In the pre-conditions is a time for fun and passage of this stage at their own pace. In school (I’m talking about the Polish school) I do not see too many possibilities: bench, exercise, little traffic, a lot of news. Unfortunately, this emotional maturity, even though we hear constantly about her, is treated with neglect. Somehow embrace, let’s give him a chance. And so we almost two semesters, until it turns out that we have a seven-year home. What can help a child at this stage? New, simple household chores and a lot of traffic. This year between the fifth and sixth stage of light is moving away from fun (play only) for making responsibilities. Therefore, this school is a very good place. You as a parent alone know best because you follow every day, whether this began to change in any way occur in comfort. In assigning chores see if the child gives you handle them or draws attention to the accuracy of, remembers them and so on. If it is ready for new challenges, it is great because you know you can handle and at school. Especially if you prepare your toddler to these new challenges. You tell, explain how it will be, eg. With homework. Take into account their daily homework, at least for an hour. At the outset, it will be your shared responsibility. Bench limits the movement tell plastically. Imagine that you work the boss gave you today on the ear in the morning, the workers did not want to deal with their own affairs, and still pushed into your computer, noise, stuffy and these further instructions « from above ». How you wanted to say something, it does not always listen. And now God forbid you shouted like. It’s still got fined and labeled adventurers close to a nervous breakdown. Would it help you if you were kicked by a neighbor at the desk and slightly poddusiła boss? Or shut up in a dark corner and calmly lit a cigarette? In what state you come home after such a day? The child is experiencing similar emotions every day (well, a little podkoloryzowałam, but only to explain exactly). And do not forget that the most important at this age are fun and physical activity. A lot of schools in large cities do not even open the door during breaks, the children « rest » in the school corridor. Such a child has reason to be crying, being irritable, pyskującym, six-year-aggressive. I would have been. So in the context of checking school, be sure to find out how it looks from the crash into the yard, « niesiedzeniem » in the pews and the size of classes.

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